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STEELROOTS®   –   concreteless foundations

About BFtec

An eye for important details paired with the desire for continuous improvement, a lot of practical experience in product development as well as excellent contacts – this is what distinguishes the developers of BFtec. When the challenge in the early 1990s was to provide countless prefabricated-slab buildings in the east of Germany with full thermal insulation, Peter Kellner and his team designed the Keri anchor. This made it possible to absorb the additional weight of the outer façade via the load-bearing concrete parts of the buildings. Even in the old federal states, many buildings were constructed using the so-called sandwich construction method and could be energetically renovated thanks to the innovative and simple idea of the former Kellrim GmbH.

BFtec Headquarters, GERMANY

Further developments such as a rear-ventilated façade without thermal bridges or the Terra-Clic flooring system followed. Peter Kellner has developed more than ten products and brought them to market maturity to date. The close cooperation with universities and research institutions, which accompanied and documented the development of the various products up to patenting in countless practical tests and thus guaranteed product safety, was always in the foreground.

"The market for international renewable energies, which is an important pillar of our company, is growing dynamically. At the same time, the demand for innovative products is increasing - BFtec will always deliver solutions tailored to customers’ specifications with great passion and attention to detail.

"Our approach is highly practice- and application-oriented. Each product application is considered individually with the target being to make products as simple as possible and as complex as necessary, as this saves the customer money, time and trouble.

25 years BFtec

In 2019 we celebrate our 25th anniversary. Together with you we look back on many eventful moments — get a picture of it:

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