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STEELROOTS®   –   concreteless foundations

How are STEEL-ROOT® installed?

The STEEL-ROOT® installation method is very efficient and conserves resources. STEEL-ROOT® are simply placed in an excavation pit, which is then backfilled and compacted layer by layer with the previously excavated soil of the excavation pit. Only the very top part of the STEEL-ROOT® protrudes from the ground, on which the respective structure is mounted. Work can continue immediately afterwards and there is no need to dispose of any soil. This makes our STEEL-ROOT® an extremely efficient and economical foundation method.


Excavation of the construction pit

Excavation of the construction pit and on-site storage of the excavated soil. STEEL-ROOT® can easily be installed outside the construction pit at the same time.


Placing & aligning STEEL-ROOT®

Once the subgrade has been produced, STEEL-ROOT® is lifted into the construction pit using an excavator, and then weighed. As a rule, supply and disposal pipes running into the earth do not pose a problem here.


Pulling in the cable conduit

Now it is time to pull in a cable conduit for the components which will later be attached to the mast.


Backfilling the excavated soil and compacting

Now the previously removed excavated soil is used to backfill the construction pit and the whole area is compacted layer by layer.

Immediately loadable

STEEL-ROOT® can directly be loaded afterwards. The superstructures can therefore be immediately assembled.


Raising the mast

The last step is to raise the mast. For this purpose, STEEL-ROOT® has a special hinge device, which can also be used together with a hydraulic system.

STEEL-ROOT® are 100% recyclable

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