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STEELROOTS®   –   concreteless foundations

Drill Foundations by BFtec

Build on steel and use the benefits of our drilled foundations. With low financial and material expenditure, you can anchor drilled foundations permanently and securely for your construction projects, regardless of the soil conditions.

The drilled foundation is developed and produced individually for the various soil conditions and frame types, taking into account ecological aspects. Its installation is quick and uncomplicated. The future-oriented foundation system provides excellent stability for your project. Our drilled foundations are used among others for the construction of photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems and landfill constructions.

Please find below a selection of our reference projects. If you are interested or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to assist you personally.

BV Lüneburg · F&S solar concept GmbH

Lüneburg is home to one of the world's most innovative solar systems, based on drilled foundations specially developed by BFtec GmbH.

BV Inden · F&S solar concept GmbH

More than 16,000 modules with a total output of 3,815 kWp were installed on a former landfill body of 100,000 m².

Baumkronenpfad / Tree Top Wald

Firmly rooted in the soil — the Tree Top Walk at Edersee is a crowd-puller for thousands of visitors every year.

Solarpark Finow II

The Finow II solar park is located on the former military airfield in Eberswalde-Finowfurt, north of Berlin (Germany), and is one of largest solar power plant in Europe.

Solarpark Fürstenwalde

The solar park – which is located in Germany – with a total output of 45 megawatt was founded on BFtec's drill foundations.

Solarpark Büttel

Germany's largest developer of solar power plants plans to build a solar park in the moor near Büttel, that will produce electricity for 7,500 households.

Jade Weser Port

The Jade Weser Port "Eurogate", one of the world's largest container gantry cranes, is well illuminated by the help of BFtec's drill foundations.

Do you have further questions?

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