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STEELROOTS®   –   concreteless foundations
With the right foundation to the success of a 2,700 square meter lightweight hall

Optimal load-bearing capacity, high economic efficiency and quick implementation: for the new construction of a 2,700 square meter lightweight hall in the so called "Lüneburger Heide", the foundation on STEEL-ROOT® from BFtec proved to be a decisive structural solution with great cost and time savings for those involved.

Christmas dream on STEEL-ROOT®

The magic of Christmas – the most beautiful season of the year arrived in the Ingolstadt Village outlet center at the beginning of November. The whole mall is festively decorated. Fir trees, reindeer and reindeer sleighs accompany visitors on their shopping tour through the individual outlet stores.

STEELROOTS® – Die Perfekte Ergänzung für die sichere Gründung von Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses, small houses with an area of ​​less than 25 square meters, are very popular. The reasons for this downsizing are as different as their residents themselves — for some it is an economic necessity, for others it is deliberate reduction to the essentials and for others a maximum of flexibility, as the tiny houses can be implemented without great effort. But even the smallest houses should be on safe ground: a classic case for STEEL-ROOT® from BFtec. No other foundation system comes closer to the idea of ​​tiny houses than the foundations from Nentershausen, Germany.

Floodlights for the baseball park of the Berlin Flamingos, based on STEELROOTS®.

Baseball and STEEL-ROOT® from BFtec have more in common than you might think. Both are enjoying increasing popularity, which ensured that the sports facility of the Berlin Flamingos baseball club was equipped with a new floodlight system. When founding the company, those responsible relied on the versatile, quick to set up and extremely economical STEEL-ROOT® from BFtec in Nentershausen (Germany).

The world's first roller coaster on a brand new cruise ship is expected to set sail at the end of this year. It was built by Maurer Rides GmbH from Munich - with the support of BFTec GmbH from Nentershausen.

Roller coasters are among the great attractions of every festival and amusement park. Not only there, because in the near future the thrill should also be felt on the high seas: Probably at the end of this year the world's first roller coaster will set sail on a brand new cruise ship. It was built by Maurer Rides GmbH from Munich – with the support of BFtec GmbH from Nentershausen.