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STEELROOTS®    25 Years BFtec

Pile and mast systems on STEEL-ROOT®

Below please find a selection of pole and mast systems which can be realised with STEEL-ROOT®. If you do not find the system you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will work out a possible solution for your individual project with you.

The expansion of the mobile network is a major challenge: Thousands of cell towers have to be erected. STEEL-ROOT® are predestined for fast network expansion.

Many sports facilities are currently equipped with modern, energy-saving light sources. If the entire pole has to be replaced or first installed, this is usually a very time-consuming challenge — unless you decide to use the ready-to-use STEEL-ROOT®.

Security is an important issue. The number of surveillance cameras is constantly increasing and cameras cannot always be mounted on house walls or roofs. Masts with STEEL-ROOT® foundations are not only quick to set up, they are also ideal for camera maintenance. This is possible because of the integrated folding mechanism.

Lightning protection masts are mainly installed to protect plants from direct lightning strikes, such as biogas plants, PV plants on open spaces or ammunition depots. With a foundation on STEEL-ROOT®, they are ready for operation within a few hours.

To set up a plant pot foundation, only the subsoil has to be level and load-bearing. Many systems can be used with this structure, such as cell towers (5G), floodlight pole, lightning protection mast and many more.

If you want to generate renewable energy, you should also focus on sustainability and ecological balance when building smaller wind turbines: STEEL-ROOT® can be easily installed without sealing the floor with concrete. They are also 100 percent recyclable.

A foundation on the concrete-free STEEL-ROOT® is the ideal solution to keep the closing times on busy motorways and federal highways as short as possible when retrofitting them with gantries.

The foundation of power poles is usually performed as a slab foundation - a beautiful paraphrase for the four concrete foundations, which are covered with topsoil and of which only the top part can be seen. In fact, the floor is sealed with around 4 x 20 m3 of concrete. Apart from the much shorter construction period, a foundation on STEEL-ROOT® is also much more sustainable.

Ball trapping nets are usually set up to limit sports facilities. Rather than large-area and time-consuming foundations on concrete foundations, STEEL-ROOT® are ideal as a quickly implementable, minimally invasive foundation variant that does not impair sports and play activities for long periods of time.

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