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STEELROOTS®    25 Years BFtec

STEELROOTS® — concreteless foundations

The STEELROOTS® steel root foundation is a cost-efficient alternative to conventional concrete foundations. It offers high stability and is particularly superior where short construction times are required, as there are no annoying curing times as otherwise required for concrete foundations. The idea for the development of the construction method was derived from nature and resembles the root of a tree.

STEELROOTS® is characterised by a high degree of sustainability. It works without soil sealing, is 100% recyclable or reusable without any loss of quality. Being a filigree lightweight construction product, it does not produce significant amounts of excavated soil, which usually has to be removed from concrete foundations. It can be used and is used for the construction of power lines, wind power and photovoltaic plants, for radio mast systems, for steel halls, noise barriers and many other applications.

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completely without concrete

with stability certificates

multiple uses

no soil sealing


fast installation

immediately loadable

works even in less load-bearing soils

installation also at freezing temperatures

excellent eco-balance

100% recyclable

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