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STEELROOTS®   –   concreteless foundations

Mobile systems on STEEL-ROOT®

STEEL-ROOT® do not necessarily have to be embedded in the ground, but can also be installed at ground level — this enables even faster and more flexible usecases. Whether as a mobile floodlight mast system for sport events, construction sites, as a mobile camera mast for site monitoring or as a mobile antenna mast or for the construction of temporary radio relay links for infrastructure measures … There are many possible usecases.

STEELROOT® Mobil 1400

The mobile solution for temporary use — When it comes to combining practicality and economy, the STEEL-ROOT® Mobile 1400 is the right choice.

To set up a plant pot foundation, only the subsoil has to be level and load-bearing. Many systems can be used with this structure, such as cell towers (5G), floodlight pole, lightning protection mast and many more.

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