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STEELROOTS®   –   concreteless foundations

How do STEEL-ROOT® work?

How exactly do STEEL-ROOT® work and what makes them so load-bearing?

Die Baumwurzel

The Tree Root

Let's first take a look at the tree root: (…)

Baumwurzel vs. STEEL-ROOT®

Tree Root vs. STEEL-ROOT®

Let us now imagine the STEEL-ROOT® in the place of the tree trunk. (…)

How do STEEL-ROOT® work?

The Result

STEEL-ROOT® make use of the root principle. They consist of galvanised steel struts, which absorb the loads from the centre of the mast in various directions and transfer them to the surrounding soil by means of pressure on the one hand and lifting ballast on the other. The STEEL-ROOT® even work in difficult subsoil conditions and in less load-bearing soils.

STEEL-ROOT® are easily installed

Installation of STEEL-ROOT®

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