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STEELROOTS®    25 Years BFtec

Concreteless Foundations

STEELROOTS® are revolutionary, concreteless foundations. It is a foundation system with multiple application areas. Let's take, for example, masts for infrastructure measures (5G), lighting, radio, telecommunication, video cameras, renewable energy but also steel halls, noise barriers, signing gantries and much more. In the past, these systems were usually built on a concrete foundation — which is very time and resource consuming. STEELROOTS® are much faster and easier to handle.

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STEELROOTS® – concreteless foundations

How do STEELROOTS® work?

How do

But how exactly do the STEELROOTS® work and what makes them so sustainable?

Nature is the greatest master builder. STEELROOTS® make use of the root principle. They consist of galvanised steel struts, which absorb the loads from the centre of the mast in various directions and transfer them to the surrounding soil by means of pressure on the one hand and lifting ballast on the other. The STEELROOTS® even work in difficult subsoil conditions and in less load-bearing soils.

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How are

The STEELROOTS® installation method is very efficient and conserves resources. STEELROOTS® are simply placed in an excavation pit, which is then backfilled and compacted layer by layer with the previously excavated soil of the excavation pit. Only the very top part of the STEELROOTS® protrudes from the ground, on which the respective structure is mounted. Work can continue immediately afterwards and there is no need to dispose of any soil. This makes our STEELROOTS® an extremely efficient and economical foundation method.

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How are STEELROOTS® installed?

Where can STEELROOTS® be used?

Where can
be used?

STEELROOTS® are versatile. They can be used – for example – for the foundation of camera masts, floodlight masts, cell/radio masts (5G) as well as lightning protection masts. But not only there, noise barriers, steel halls, signing gantries, power poles and much more. Another advantage: our STEELROOTS® can be individually customized to your project.

If STEELROOTS® are no longer needed for an application, they can easily be dismantled and re-installed elsewhere. STEELROOTS® are 100% recyclable.

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25 Years BFtec


completely without concrete

with stability certificates

multiple uses

no soil sealing


fast installation

immediately loadable

works even in less load-bearing soils

installation also at freezing temperatures

excellent eco-balance

100% recyclable

… there's power in these roots.

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In 2019 we celebrate our 25th anniversary. Together with you we look back on many eventful moments — get a picture of it:

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