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STEELROOTS®   –   concreteless foundations

25 Years BFtec

"We have set ourselves the goal of revolutionizing foundation technology with our "STEEL-ROOT®" concreteless foundations and replacing them by concrete foundations. You can count on us." Peter Kellner, founder of BFtec. BFtec, has stood for know-how, technical innovations and trendsetting developments for 25 years. During the 25 years of our activity, we have cooperated with external research laboratories, structural engineers and structural engineers, investing a great deal of know-how, creativity and time to develop technical solutions that offer efficient, economical alternatives to existing applications or developments that had previously been lacking altogether. Our innovative products have won several awards and prizes.

25 Years BFtec GmbH

With our steel root foundations, the so-called STEEL-ROOT®, we have developed a significantly more efficient, faster, more economical and ecologically compatible alternative to conventional reinforced concrete foundations for the foundation of self-supporting masts and columns for many areas of application. The fact that reinforced concrete has generally been the first choice for foundations for around 150 years has become firmly established in the minds of many clients and planners. "We have therefore committed ourselves to changing this entrenched way of thinking. We are working on ensuring that decision-makers incorporate our alternative start-up variants into their decision-making processes," says company founder Peter Kellner. He and his team of experts stand for economic concepts with sustainability and ecological compatibility. STEEL-ROOT® made by BFtec are easy to process, do not seal the ground, have a positive environmental impact, can be easily dismantled and are 100 percent recyclabe. Let us convince you of the abundant application possibilities of STEEL-ROOT®.