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STEELROOTS®   –   concreteless foundations

Whenever masts or towers have to be constructed, professional foundations are required. Foundations made from concrete are generally the most popular choice. Until now… the company BFtec from Nentershausen in Hessen wants to revolutionise the market with its so-called STEEL-ROOT®. Company founder, owner and developer Peter Kellner is convinced that his steel root foundations without concrete will replace conventional construction methods in the foreseeable future.

Sporty and smart — BFtec GmbH has recently implemented a sporting highlight in the literal sense of the word at the Rudi-Ziegler sports facility in Bamberg. Eight new foodlight masts were set up within a period of only two days for the sports association DJK Don Bosco Bamberg 1950 e.V.

The first commercial hall in the world to be erected on steel root foundations without concrete now stands in the Haunecker district of Unterhaun in the administrative district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg. The Hersfeld-based construction company Räuber erected the building on the basis of STEEL-ROOT® by BFtec, a company from Nentershausen-Süß.

Noise barriers are typically constructed on concrete foundations. In many cases, in-situ concrete posts are even required in the appropriate diameters. Constructing them is time-consuming and cost-intensive. A completely different, yet much more innovative and economical foundation system was recently used in constructing a noise barrier near a park and ride lot in Bad Hersfeld: steel root foundations that use no concrete at all. SteelRoots® is the name for the new foundation system constructed of steel elements, developed by the company BFtec from Nentershausen-Süß.

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