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STEELROOTS®   –   concreteless foundations
Christmas dream on STEEL-ROOT®

The magic of Christmas – the most beautiful season of the year arrived in the Ingolstadt Village outlet center at the beginning of November. The whole mall is festively decorated. Fir trees, reindeer and reindeer sleighs accompany visitors on their shopping tour through the individual outlet stores.

The centerpiece of the atmospheric Christmas decorations is an artfully decorated designer Christmas tree that is almost ten meters high. Particularly striking are the large wire balls decorated with rhinestones, which in turn contain smaller golden Christmas tree balls. Four of these artistic glitter braids are on one level. There are five levels, above which there is a smaller gold rhinestone ball and at the very top a gold star.

The overall construction exerts a magical attraction, especially in the dark. The modern designer Christmas building was designed, manufactured and assembled by the metal construction company KL DESIGN from Reichertshofen.

Christmas dream on STEEL-ROOT®

The highlight: the construction consists of a conventional, gold-painted steel mast, which was mounted on a STEEL-ROOT® from BFtec in Nentershausen. The assembly is also magically convenient and quick, because the STEEL-ROOT® stands in a planter filled with gravel, which can be easily moved with a forklift. The planter, which also comes from BFtec, provides the necessary counterweight and stability. The foundation work can be done in a few minutes. The mast is then screwed to the steel root foundation and the individual decorative elements are attached.

Christmas dream on STEEL-ROOT®

Christmas dream on STEEL-ROOT®

The golden paint makes the planter a real Christmas tree stand. So far, the STEEL-ROOT® with a planter foundation have mainly been used to set up individual radio or camera masts and for wind turbines. Painted gold, it becomes a real Christmas eye-catcher and makes a shopping visit to the Ingolstadt Village outlet center an atmospheric experience where the magic of Christmas becomes tangible. Christmas dreams come true, thanks to the STEEL-ROOT® from BFtec.

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