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STEELROOTS®    25 Years BFtec
The STEELROOT® no longer has to be integrated into the ground, but can be set up at ground level. This enables even faster and more flexible use and is therefore ideal for temporary construction projects.

When it comes to combining practicality and cost-effectiveness, the family company BFtec GmbH from Nentershausen in eastern Hesse is a real global player. Your successful STEEL-ROOT® model has now been expanded to include a mobile system.

Peter Kellner would not be Peter Kellner if he rested on the laurels of his developments … Together with his team, the founder of BFtec GmbH further developed and optimized the successful model of STEEL-ROOT® and developed the STEEL-ROOT® Mobile 1400.

What are STEEL-ROOT®?

STEEL-ROOT® are a kind of counterweight foundation in which the soil that surrounds the STEEL-ROOT® is used for load transfer. Your advantages are the significantly faster construction time compared to concrete foundations, since the curing times for concrete are completely eliminated. No soil has to be removed because the excavation is needed again to fill the construction pits with the STEEL-ROOT®. Since the STEEL-ROOT® are made from hot-dip galvanized steel, they are practically indestructible and can be reused. This multiple benefit is now also applied to a mobile STEEL-ROOT® system:

The STEEL-ROOT® Mobile 1400 System

The STEEL-ROOT® no longer has to be integrated into the ground, but can be set up at ground level. This enables even faster and more flexible use. Whether as a mobile floodlight mast system with a height of up to 16 meters for sport events, construction sites, as a mobile camera mast with a height of up to 20 meters for site monitoring or as a mobile antenna mast with a height of up to 20 meters or for the construction of temporary radio relay links for infrastructure measures … There are many possible applications.

STEEL-ROOT® Mobile 1400

Easy assembly and dismantling

All that is required is a flat, stable surface. The STEEL-ROOT® is placed on top of it. In contrast to the conventional STEEL-ROOT®, the steel plates at the end of the struts are equipped with a plug connection into which the counterweights for weighting can be inserted. This prevents the counterweights from slipping. Each of these weighs around 300 kilograms and can be moved with a small vehicle such as a wheel loader. The mast is connected to the STEELROOT via a folding hinge and can then be easily raised using a hydraulic system. It takes less than an hour to set up a floodlight mast and it can be dismantled just as quickly. Here too, the developers from the Nentershausen (Germany) have primarily thought of practicality: No special tools are required for assembly.

STEEL-ROOT® Mobil 1400 während dem Aufrichten des Mastes per Hydraulik-Vorrichtung.

With the mobile system of STEEL-ROOT®, BFtec has created a flexible, economical and sustainable foundation variant that is almost predestined for temporary construction projects. To a certain extent, it is the further development of the STEEL-ROOT® in the planter, for which, however, a ballast mixture is still required to fill it up. The STEEL-ROOT® mobile system offers everything from a single source.

Also for rent

If you are looking for an adequate solution for a single use, you can also rent the mobile STEEL-ROOT® system from BFtec, feel free to contact us.

STEEL-ROOT® Mobile 1400

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